Our cozy studio is located in the heart of Medfield. The open, airy, second floor space has tons of natural light, brick walls, and a warm, welcoming feel.

We help busy people stay active, heal old (and new!) injuries, and manage stress so they can build strength and flexibility, feel more relaxed, and comfortable in their own skin.


At Medfield Yoga Studio, our inclusive classes help battle the challenges of getting older in a non-competitive environment. Our team offers personalized instruction including smart, safe movement and tools to help relax your body and mind. Without mirrors, we're able to focus on how our body feels in the postures, rather than how it looks. 


Yoga IS for you.

Can't touch your toes? Yes, yoga is for you. 

Never been to a yoga class? Yoga is for you, too. 

Metabolism slowing down? 

Aging body aches and pains? 

Stressed out and anxious? 

Medfield Yoga is definitely for you. 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, recovering from an injury, or just feel tight and tense, Yoga can create space - in your body, in your mind, and in your life - so there's room to learn, grow, and experience.

We're excited to welcome you into our studio, so you can create more space for yourself.