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*If you have a mat, bring it! If not, we have yoga mats to use at the studio.

*We have blocks, blankets, and bolsters for you to use. Some people bring their own.

*Bring a water bottle. It's a good idea to hydrate!

*Bring an open mind...your body will follow!


*Comfort is key! We'll be inverted (like downward dog) and baggy shirts may inhibit breathing. A closer fitting top may be best. Sweat pants/yoga leggings are a good idea.

*Practicing yoga barefoot is ideal. 

*Bring/wear something to stay warm and cozy in savasana and after class.

*No smelly perfumes or lotions! Some people are sensitive to smells and lotions can make hands slide on the mat.

*There is a bathroom at the studio. Sorry, no showers!


*All classes are open to everyone, though there may be ones that are a better fit.

*Yoga is done on a "just-right" stomach - not starving and not full!

*This is YOUR practice. Don't worry what the person on the mat next to you is doing.

Their story is not yours.

*Always listen to your body and push back into child's pose when you want...a lovely, wonderful pose.

*Arrive 15-20 minutes early to get settled in.

*Have questions? Just ask!

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