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This class includes flowing sequences, sustained postures, deep relaxation, and quiet stillness. The instructor will offer modifications and challenges when appropriate, to decrease or increase the practice difficulty. Students move at a pace that is right for them, choosing the level of challenge appropriate for their individual needs.

This class is for All Levels.



Yoga Express is a 45-minute class designed with you and your busy life in mind. This practice focuses on building strength, improving flexibility, and leaving you feeling mentally and physically refreshed. All in 45 minutes. You definitely have time for this yoga class. This class is open to All Levels.

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Restore your body, mind and spirit through this gentle and supported practice. This class is enjoyed on the mat in seated or reclined positions. Props, bolsters, blankets, eye pillows, candlelight and aromatherapy are incorporated to reawaken all our senses and calm the nervous system, the mind and the body. This is a calming & therapeutic practice that soothes the nervous system and releases physical and mental tension.

This class is for All Levels.

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Yin Yoga provides that balance to more active (or yang) styles of movement because it asks the body to reach deep into the connective tissue to increase flexibility, restore greater range of motion, and improve the health of your joints, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. We stay seated or laying on the mat and target the low back, hips, pelvis and legs. Postures are held for 2-5 minutes as we work into these tissues that are often overlooked. Yin Yoga restores energy flow in the body and prepares the body to return to more vigorous activities. No yoga experience necessary.

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This class begins with centering and a warm up, then moves to a slow vinyasa (flowing sequence of poses and movement with breath). Sun Salutations are included and asanas may held slightly longer in this class. We end with a period of cooling and deep relaxation (savasana). This class helps to develop an understanding of breath and body awareness. Modifications and props are always available to assist with flexibility. This class is for All Levels.

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Students will be guided through a candlelit, slow-flow practice designed to gently warm up the body, create ease and release tension to prepare for relaxation. The flow will be followed by a series of restoratives postures using blankets, bolsters and blocks to provide support and offer deep relaxation. Class ends with an extended savasana. This class is a deeply nourishing way to end your weekend fully relaxed and ready for the whatever lies ahead.

This class is for All Levels.



This is a slower paced class, with focus on mindfulness, “feeling” the physical body, and the breath and movement connection. We will touch on basic meditation and breathing techniques throughout class. This class is helpful for stress relief in your body and mind, increasing strength and balance, and easing anxiety. Expect a moderate amount of slow, intentional movement with focus on proper alignment to allow you to feel steady and calm during your practice.

This class is for All Levels. 

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This 45 minute class is perfect for people who want a mid-day break! This practice incorporates a series of flowing poses to strengthen and maintain healthy flexibility, as well as quiet stillness to increase focus and concentration. Energize, revitalize, refresh your body and mind before you head back into the day. This class is for All Levels.

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