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Is Private Yoga right for you?


Total yoga beginner?
You can learn all the basics at a pace that works for YOU.

Recovering from an injury or have chronic pain?
Get individualized attention to support your healing.

Seasoned Yogi?
Let's look at your practice with fresh eyes! 

We'll work together to advance your practice in a balanced way, looking for any practice patterns or habits you may have slipped into and make a plan that allows you to continue your practice in a safe and healthy way.​

Private Yoga is designed around YOUR goals, needs, and schedule.

Personal attention. Individualized instruction. 

You can ask questions, work on alignment, adjustments, and modifications specific to your current physical condition and level of practice.  


  • Single Solo Private - $119

  • Solo Private New Student Intro (1 Session) - $69

  • Solo Private 3 Pack - $299

Semi-Private (2 to 5 people) and Group Private (5+ people) also available.

Any private yoga questions?

Email Tracy at

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