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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Deep dive into your practice.

Wondering if you can really do this?

There are SOOOO many reasons NOT to sign up for yoga teacher training.

Kids. Job. House. Time. Money. And on. And on. And on...

But something is calling you. Pulling you toward this training. Waiting for you to say yes.


So, what if the one BIG reason you SHOULD sign up is you?


Yes, YOU!

You ARE the reason.


You're worth it. You've earned it. This is definitely what you've been waiting for.

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“Medfield Yoga Studio’s Yoga Teacher Training was life-changing. ”  - Anne Marie C.











"Carving time out from my young family and committing to Medfield Yoga 200-Hour Yoga

Teacher Training was one of the most important decisions I have made for myself in my life."

-Darcie R.

Hi, I’m Tracy!


Each year before our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) starts, I hear from people who would LOVE to
sign up, but feel like there are SO MANY reasons not to.

I don't have the time. We don't have the money. My kids are still so young. I'm too old. The list goes on...


​When I was considering my first yoga teacher training, I had two kids under the age of 4, had just lost my father after suffering with the very unkind Alzheimer's disease, and I had had yet another miscarriage. I felt like I was drowning.


​The thought of shelling out a few thousand dollars for a yoga training was ridiculous. The idea that
I could leave our house for 9 full weekends was crazy and way too indulgent.  Then, I realized that there was never going to be a "perfect time" to do this. I had to just take a leap of faith, sign up, and believe that everything would fall into place. We figured it out. The money. The schedules. The kids. Everything. 


And I found the space and time to regain some sense of myself. I found a group of like-minded people who helped me see that everyone struggles. And, I found my way onto a completely new path. One I never could have imagined. And one I haven't regretted for a single second.  


Conditions will never be perfect. We'll always have a million other responsibilities and obligations. But, if you're looking for something of your very own, something to give you a sense of who you really are, and a supportive, caring group of people in the midst of the craziness of your life, then now is the time. During the crazy. Along with the busy. Through all the doubt.  

Whether you've been practicing for years or you're newer to yoga, whether you want to teach or you don't, come be part of something that can literally change your life.

Now IS the time.

​Look forward to connecting with you.

Peace, Tracy




“Medfield Yoga Studio offers a thorough, engaging, enjoyable and accessible program. The

environment was supportive, welcoming with many opportunities to practice teaching a class. 

I completed training confident in my skills and knowledge and prepared to teach a variety of yoga

classes.  I highly recommend Medfield Yoga’s Teacher Training! ” -Susan A.



Want more info? Check out all the details!



Total Beginner?

Build your practice from the ground up!

Seasoned Yogi?

Dive deeper into your practice!


Learn the nitty-gritty details about yoga.

Feed Your Soul?

Do something for yourSELF!

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