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Yoga that meets you where you are.

Private, 1:1 Yoga Sessions with Medfield’s Best Instructors!


Hearing about ALLLL the benefits of yoga and ready to experience them yourself?

Private Yoga at Medfield Yoga can help you…

  • Finally get rid of that aching back!

  • Build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your balance.

  • De-stress, calm your mind, and finally sleep through the night.

  • And maybe even touch your toes again! ;)


Total yoga beginner?

Learn the fundamentals at a pace that works for YOU.


from an injury?

Aches and pains?

Get individualized attention to support your healing.

Been doing yoga for years?

Let's look at your practice with fresh eyes and do some fine tuning!

Now I understand better how yoga FEELS in my body, rather than how it looks from the outside.

I feel stronger and my balance has improved SO much! " - Kathy B.

"I love the private yoga lessons at Medfield Yoga! We focus solely on my goals, needs, and body and learn how to practice properly. Private yoga has taken my yoga practice to the next level.

I plan to take a private lesson every 4–6 weeks." - Ann F.

Hi, I’m Tracy!


I opened Medfield Yoga Studio because yoga helped me work through a very difficult time in my life and I wanted to offer that same chance to others.

At our studio, we help busy people stay active, heal old (and new!) injuries, and manage stress so they can build strength and flexibility, feel more relaxed, and sleep better.


Our classes help battle the challenges of getting older in a non-competitive environment. We offer personalized instruction including smart, safe movement and tools to help you relax.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, recovering from an injury, or just feel tight and tense, we'd love to welcome you into our cozy space.

Look forward to meeting you soon.





What happens during a private yoga session??


STEP 1: We get to know you!

We ask a few questions, take some notes, and ask some more questions, like:

  • What are you hoping to get out of private yoga sessions?

  • What's your intention?

  • Just starting out and want to join our group yoga classes?

  • Tight muscles?

  • Stressed out?

  • Unsure how to stretch your body safely?

STEP 2: We identify core areas to focus on for you to achieve your goals.

  • Are you hoping to improve your posture?

  • Do you want to sleep better?

  • Has your back been aching for as long as you can remember?

​STEP 3: Then, we look at your alignment.

  • We work through different poses to see how they feel in YOUR body.

  • We remind you to breathe - long, deep breaths.

  • And you keep "trying on" poses to see what fits YOU. 

STEP 4: We talk about your next steps!

​Toward the end of our session, we talk about your intention and we figure out a plan to get you there!

We're here to support you 100%!

Experience your first private yoga session for ONLY $69!

Offer valid for new private students only. After purchase, call or email to schedule your session.
Medfield Yoga Studio
28A Park Street Medfield, MA 02052
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